…and maybe our digital wallets won’t just have to be digital

Proverbial Wallets from John Kestner on Vimeo.

We have trouble controlling our consumer impulses, and there’s a gap between our decision and the consequences. This is magnified by the digitization of money. When we pull a product off the shelf, do we know what our bank account balance is, or whether we’re over budget for the month? Our existing senses are inadequate to warn us.


The Proverbial Wallet gives us that financial sense at the point of purchase by un-abstracting virtual assets. Tactile feedback reflecting our personal balances and transactions helps us develop a subconscious financial sense that guides responsible decisions. In addition to providing a visceral connection to our virtual money, tactile output keeps personal information private and ambient.


This is a project by the Information Ecology group at the MIT Media Lab. Read more at http://eco.media.mit.edu/proverbialwallets/


News on production at http://johnkestner.com/proverbialwallets/


Credits: John Kestner, Daniel Leithinger, Henry Holtzman, Emily Tow, Danny Bankman

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