How Companies need to evolve as Content Strategy becomes crucial to their business success

In this keynote presentation by Karen McrGane, at September’s CS Forum held in London in September, she outlines what she sees as some of the main challenges facing organistaions as they evolve and adapt to an environment where most of the consumption of information and entertainment is moving exorably towards digital platforms and devices.

She highlights whilst the key implications around brands/companies becoming publishers, and what this means for content producers.

The key point, that stands out for me is that in order to develop successful and effective content strategies, companies have to recognise and address that user behaviour has changed so much faster than organizations have.  That the content challenge cannot be just addressed by hiring a Content Manager, or just ‘aligning content to be consistent with the brand” it requires companies to think differently and structure themselves differently.

Karen McGrane — Keynote: The way forward: what’s next for content strategy from Together London on Vimeo.

This is clearly going to take a while, but it seems to me that there an opportunity for ‘traditional’ agencies to assimilate this understanding into the strategic role they can play in the development and production of brand content.


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