Script and Sources for the Next Generation Media Video – digital-examples’s posterous

This is the script for the YouTube video Next Generation Media.

It’s provided so that people can follow the arguments more easily (it does go pretty quickly) and see the sources for the statements.


We think that media is one of the most exciting and fast moving forces in the world.

People spend more time consuming media than almost any other activity.

On average 18-24’s globally spend

          over 3 hours a day watching TV

          over 2 hours a day listening to the radio

          purchase 2 magazines a month (Source – Synovate, 2009)

The average UK Mum clocks up over 26 hours of time online per month (Yahoo, 2009)

2/3 of Europeans stream or download video content at least once a week (Future Foundation Entertainment Futures, 2008)

Media fulfils multiple roles and needs in people’s lives:  

Entertainment, Information, Self expression, Relaxation, Belonging, Me Time, Communication


Media has become more complex – we think about the transformation of media in three ways – – technology, people and content.


Today’s media landscape is almost unrecognisable from 30 years ago.

 Technology, people and content have all TRANSFORMED.

Technology has changed – There are new devices, and more devices

iPod – 2001

Sky Plus – 2001

Nintendo DS – 2004

X-Box 360 – 2005

PS3 – 2006

Wii – 2006

iPhone – 2007

iPhone 3G – 2008

Nexus One – 2010

iPad – 2010

Web  applications which are part of our daily lives are still in infancy….

Facebook – 2004

YouTube – 2005

Twitter – 2006

iPlayer – 2007

Hulu – 2008

iPhone App Store – 2008


“In the last few years Facebook has been the most important thing in my free time activities.” (Source – Synovate, 2009) 


People have changed

In 1950 29% of the world’s population lived in cities – now it’s more than 50% (Source – UN Dept of Economic & Social Affairs, 2005)

In 1960 the average age for a woman in America to marry was 20 – now it’s 26  (Source – The Rise of the Real Mom, Advertising Age, 2009)

In 1960 38% of women in America went to college – not it’s 66%  (Source – The Rise of the Real Mom, Advertising Age, 2009)

The number of single person households in the UK has doubled between 1971 and 2008 (Source – Social Trends, ONS, 2009)

The average French midday meal now lasts 38 minutes, less than half the time taken in the 1970s  (Source – Datamonitor, 2006)

In 1997 34% of women in Spain worked; in 2008 it was 55% (Source – Eurostat, 2006)

In 1960 Americans spend 24% of their income on food – in 2002 it was 12% (Source – US Department of Labor / VisualEconomics 2009)


Content has changed: 

Content can be consumed any time, any place, any device
Channels have fragmented
Content has become social in new ways

In 1979 there were 3 UK TV channels; in 2009 there are 512 (Source – Aegis)

The number of channels available on Pay TV in Italy is rising: from 120 in 2003 to 199 in 2009 (Source – Aegis)

Formats are proliferating in TV – 445 original programme formats were exported globally in 2006-8, twice the number from 2002-4 (Source – The Format Recognition and Protection Association (FRAPA) 2009


Online videos have driven broadband uptake, and led the demand for cheap access devices

Talent shows have increased interactivity with media, for example through texting

Social networks have driven mobile internet adoption, and daily internet usage

24 Hours of video were uploaded to YouTube each minute in March 2010, up from 6 hours per minute in 2007 (YouTube, 2010)

Content is “always on” – there is more content available and more ways to consume it

Understanding how people choose, engage, create and interact with content has become more complex

Media is transforming, communications are transforming….


“The world will go faster. Something that takes 30 minutes today will take 10 minutes tomorrow. We’ll save time.” Italian male

New media is transforming communications

Old media is transforming and evolving

People/content/technology will continue to evolve

Welcome to Next Generation Media from Aegis Media



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