Twitter – friend or stranger?

I suspect like many people, whilst I recognise the popularity of twitter and the role it is playing both in the social media arena, and in the personal and business lives of its users; I struggle to engage with it personally as much as I might. Like Robbin at Brains on Fire I have a bit of a love/hate thing going on.
In their blog she draws an interesting analogy with sitting in a cafe.

“It’s additive. It’s fun. It opens my eyes to the good in humanity and at times the bad. But the big take away for me is this. Geno Church never, ever meets a stranger. He sees everyone as possibility. I adore that about him. Makes it fun to travel with him”.

“My intent with Twitter is to have my eyes opened to that way of thinking both in my online and offline world. It reminds me in a very real way that there are no strangers. Just people we don’t know YET. It’s kinda like constantly being in a cafe and instead of quietly eating your morning muffin you decide to reach out and introduce yourself to someone in hopes of learning something new or simply enjoying their company”.

Now as one, who likes nothing better than sitting in a cafe and reading a newspaper, this is both inspiring and challenging.

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