Mum’s no longer the word

It seems that corporate behemoth’s are intent on continually demonstrating their lack of understanding of how to embrace our new “Social” online world. Their lumbering marketing and business initiatives are really looking prehistoric .

Following on from the the Nestle/Greenpeace/Facebook debacle, (see here and here), the company has continued to reach for new heights in misunderstanding the online social space..

A short summary from John Howard…

MumsOnline (the US version of the UK’s Mumsnet – and presumably similarly influential ) have apparently long been a thorn in Nestles side, over in the US. They had also been trying to acquire the .com version of their url from a third party. When the registration for this lapsed, they were on the verge of taking ownership of their own name. Only to be gazumped by Nestle at the last moment. Who then pointed the url to their own site (try it and see: <a href="</i>

Faced with a website that was being critical of your brand what do you do?  Engage with them? … listen to what they are saying, engage in the conversation?  Of course not, let’s antagonise them even further. In fact let’s antagonise them in such a way as our actions will be reported all around the world (by those people in the online social world that we don’t understand).

When will they ever learn?

P.S.  This is beginning to weaken my long-standing addiction to Shreddies!

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