Telling stories that make a difference

There’s lots been written about the power of storytelling across cultures and time. And as much about how great brands are, in effect, stories well told. Maybe like me you have put in a lot of time and energy to help develop such brand stories, and sometimes reflected that OK you’ve helped sell more tins of beans or sold more holidays, but have you made a real positive difference to the world? We are all aware that web 2.0+ has turned us from from consumers to potential producers (of news, views and other content)and we spend a lot of time discussing how it’s impacting on our clients, their brands, and their audiences (who are not audiences anymore, if they ever were). But how much time do we spend thinking about its impact on the bigger issues? Yes we know how powerful it was in mobilising Obama’s supporters, but what about on a smaller more personal scale? The SalaamGarage is a great example of citizen journalism in action. It is a storytelling, citizen journalism organisation that partners with International NGOs and local non-profits. Participants (amateur and professional photographers, writers, videographers, etc.) connect with international NGOs, create and share independent media projects that raise awareness and cause positive change in their online and offline social communities. This short presentation, by its founder Amanda Koster, tells more, and inspires us to do more with our cameras and and our social media tools to help communicate untold stories that make a difference

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